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Meet your local Head Shot Happy Hour photographer!

Photo of me right after one Old Fashioned courtesy of  Leah Muse.

Photo of me right after one Old Fashioned courtesy of Leah Muse.


I’m Paige, the founder of Head Shot Happy Hour! I’m the gal behind the camera in Austin.

On the rare occasion the camera is turned on me, I completely freeze up. I literally do not know what to do with my hands and I typically break out into a super awkward dance so I don't have to stand still. This is why I allow myself the luxury of an adult beverage before I get my photo taken by another pro. I figured a ton of other people felt the same way and because I love sharing time with other humans, this little idea popped into my brain.

My husband and I love hosting friends at our home for dinner parties and party parties, so it feels like such a natural extension to begin hosting Head Shot Happy Hour in my backyard studio. I get to hang out with cool folks in a super informal setting and provide them with an affordable headshot that they'll love! 

I am really fortunate to work with incredible people, and it’s not uncommon that my clients turn into friends. So with a couple of glasses of rosé and my killer playlist, who knows? You might be coming over for happy hour all of the time.



Meet Bri, the babe behind the camera at our Houston location. Bri and her husband James run a super cool spot called Studio Vibes- a photo + video rental studio in the heart of Richmond, TX.

Since Bri & I grew up next door to one another (I call her Brittney) and remained lifelong friends (we both married friends from Australia!)- this lovely lady was the natural choice for expanding Head Shot Happy Hour to Houston. She will make you feel like a million bucks no matter how awkward you think you are in front of the camera. Bri has the capacity to put you at ease and make you feel like you’ve never been prettier. She shoots portraits, weddings, and lifestyle work as well so hire this babe for everything, y’all!

Besides being a super talented photographer, Bri is a loving wife to the aforementioned Aussie, an incredible mama to (almost) two, and a fiercely loyal and generous friend. To know her is to love her, the end.