Q. What is Head Shot Happy Hour?

A. Head Shot Happy Hour melds together something you may not love- having your photo taken- with something you definitely love- drinks with friends. It’s a way to get an affordable headshot that actually feels like you. Because having your photo taken is much more fun with friends and some liquid courage.

q. where is head shot happy hour?

A. We currently have two locations. Our original studio is in the 78745 zip of Austin, TX and our Houston location is at the beautiful Studio Vibes.


A. Rosé all day! JK- bring whatever your heart desires- we’ll provide glasses and ice + mixers on request.

Q. What If I don’t drink alcohol?

A. You do you! This isn’t about peer pressure, it’s about making you feel comfortable so if you’re more of a kombucha gal, go forth!

Q. How many people can come tO head shot happy hour?

A. Right now we have a 4 person minimum for all of our Happy Hours and we usually cap them around 10-15 people depending on the location. If you’d like to host an event with more people, we offer on-location services so still touch base with us! Can’t meet our four person minimum? Attend an Open Happy Hour!

Q. what is the difference between a PRIVAtE head shot happy hour and open head shot happy hour?

A. Private Happy Hours are best for a small business team, you and your favorite boss babes, besties from the block, a group of hot mamas, literally anyone! The idea is to be around folks who make you feel comfortable and relaxed so we can snap a killer headshot of you! For private Happy Hours, we have a 4 person minimum. Open Happy Hours are for people who can’t meet our 4 person minimum but still want an affordable headshot they love. We typically host about one each month in both of our locations. These are usually ladies only events and after a little rosé and Beyoncé, everyone becomes fast friends- trust us!

Q. Are there time slots at Head Shot Happy Hour?

A. Nope! Head Shot Happy Hour is happy hour with headshots so it’s meant to be super laid back. That being said, if you have any timing constraints, please us know and we are happy to accommodate!

Q. How long until i get my headshots?

A. You'll receive a password protected gallery with the proofs from your shoot within one week of the happy hour. Once you select your favorites, your photographer will return your edits within a week unless otherwise specified. If you're in a hurry, let us know at happy hour and we'll make it work!

Q. what if i want more than the 3 edited headshots that are included in my session fee?

A. Additional headshots are $25/image. 

Q. where can i use my headshots?

A. Your headshots are for your personal use on your website and social media. Please always include photo credit when posting on social media or using in any other publications. Tag your photographer + #theheadshothappyhour on your Insta posts please- we love seeing them out in the wild! :)

Q. will you airbrush me and make me look skinnier?

A. We provide basic edits on all images (exposure, contrast, white balance, etc.) and we are happy to do minor Photoshop work (i.e. get rid of that nasty zit that popped up the morning of our shoot or fix that one single flyaway hair). We will not make you skinnier because you are wonderful and beautiful and also- it just looks weird. We do provide total airbrushing and skin clean up for $10/image. 

Q. do i get to choose my backdrop color?

A. If you’re booking a private Happy Hour, your group chooses the backdrop colors. Open Happy Hours are either announced ahead of time or you get to vote for your faves- you’ll always get at least one of your preferences.

Q. do you offer makeup services?

A. Sometimes! Some of our open events include makeup touchups with the session fee. We also have some makeup artists we LOVE if you’d like us to recommend someone for you to use before the Happy Hour. For private events, we can get you someone!

Q. How do I book?

A. To snag your spot, head here to choose your city and fill out a form to start the process.

Q. Are you in other cities besides Austin and houston?

A. We are currently looking for people in various cities to help us expand. If you’re interested, shoot us a line!