• First up, you must have access to space that can comfortably fit at least 4-10 attendees.

  • If it’s bigger, awesome- there’s added potential there.

  • Sorry but your living room doesn’t count. While the vibe of HSHH is totally low key and laid back, we want to create a level of professionalism.

  • There are also opportunities to shoot on location and in bars but we’ll get to that later…


  • Canon users only please. :)

  • Multiple options on your lens- let’s chat about what you have!

  • Lighting: this is a one light setup situation with a softbox or umbrella. Super, super simple because we want to keep it consistent.


  • You are required to purchase at least 4 Savage seamless backdrops (also available on Amazon)

  • Your backdrops must be 53” or wider

  • Required colors: pink and something neutral (grey, black, or white).

  • Recommended: light greybright blueyellowcrimsongreenlight blue, mochapurple and navy.

  • You can pick anything else you like- the more options you have, the better. :)

  • You’ll also need to provide multiple options for sitting during the head shots.


You’re hosting a happy hour so be prepared! It’s BYO but make sure to have:

  • Glassware

  • Ice bucket + ice

  • Bottle openers

  • Speaker for music