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Not sold yet? Listen to what these babes have to say about Head Shot Happy Hour!

"What I love most about Paige's Headshot HH (& what I love most about Paige behind the camera in general) is that she always brings her unique brand of infectious energy to the shoot. Something that could be awkward or uncomfortable (sitting in front of the camera) becomes a party, and you forget that you're getting your photo taken. When your photoshoot is this fun, it's impossible for that mood not to be carried into the images, and the results are energetic portraits of your happiest-looking self!"


"I have to say it was the most comfortable I've felt in front of the camera in a long time. I have a serious dread and anxiety toward getting my picture taken and everything about this put me at ease."

"Paige was an incredible host and brought out the best in everyone. As someone who is not comfortable in front of the camera, I really appreciated the friendly and laid-back atmosphere she created—and the results were beautiful. Paige somehow captured magnetic, natural smiles that were also flattering and professional."


"Looking through photos of myself has always been so difficult for me but I couldn’t stop smiling while I scrolled through the gallery last night. Paige made me look like I feel inside and I don’t know how to thank her enough. She is an expert at making people feel comfortable in front of a camera and giving the right direction and she turned what could’ve (and has in the past) been an awkward experience into something incredibly fun and enjoyable. Basically I think she's a total rockstar and I cannot wait to book a session for me and my husband. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."


"Not only is Paige a wizard behind her camera, but her kindhearted nature makes you instantly feel at ease, which is a tough thing to do when you're already feeling anxious about stepping in front of the lens. Her keen eye is able to catch you in those in-between moments when you think nobody else is watching, yet it's when you are expressing your most authentic self. Paige captured my spirit perfectly, and I love having a head shot that feel so quintessentially me. And on top of all of that, I got to hang with some of my favorite gals in the downtime. It was the perfect evening, and now I want to make it an annual thing!"

"Shooting in Paige's light filled studio made for an effortless headshot experience. My images are fresh and modern enough for social channels but also professional enough for my portfolio. As a busy mama, being able to bring my son along was a huge relief. Despite shooting on a couple of different background and even doing a quick wardrobe change, we were in and out."


"Paige Newton is a sneaky genius who uses wine, music, and friendship to transform what might normally be a painfully awkward experience into a comfortable, enjoyable evening shooting headshots with several of my favorite people. The playlist was perfect, laughter was candid, the lighting was lovely, and the final photos are flawless. I was thrilled with the entire process, from the studio experience through photo selection and purchasing. HSHH is the most fun and affordable way to freshen up your profile pics!"


"Paige was so much fun to work with on location for our Head Shot Happy Hour! She helped pick the best backdrops around our office (we wanted them outside) to give everyone a variety to choose from and more importantly, put us all at ease in front of the camera. She delivered the photos quickly, and they were professional and beautiful. I’ve already used them countless times and will continue to do so." 


“Head Shot Happy Hour was SO fun!! We showed up and everything was ready to go - there were fabulous snacks and drinks, a great playlist and the most friendly make-up artist getting us camera ready! I didn’t know what to expect or request for my shot, but Paige made me feel super comfortable and gave lots of options for backdrop, pose, etc. and it was smooth sailing. Then, we got the photos back, and they were just perfect - I instantly updated all of my social media with my new photo! Thanks Paige and team!!”


“I'm not the girl that shows up to a shindig and wants to take pics immediately. In fact, when my friends pull out the camera, I run!  Head shots have always scared me because I feel so awkward being photographed in general and ten times more awkward when photographed ALONE. I've cringed at every head shot I've ever taken because I'm a one and done kinda gal, but Paige's experience was a much more relaxed environment. Taking my head shot surrounded by a group of people that I love really helped calm my nerves - as did the amazing beverages provided by Drink Slingers! Paige is super outgoing and friendly, which really helped the process run smoothly as she joked around and made me feel comfortable as she encouraged me to smile and laugh, which resulted in a much more natural smile. Head Shot Happy Hour is a great team building experience or a fun idea for a group of friends. 10/10 would recommend!”

"This is the only way to take a head shot! It's a fun, no pressure situation, and Paige makes the process totally painless. Not to mention you get to drink wine with your friends and end up with a great photo afterwards. I cannot recommend this enough!"


"One of my favorite days of 2018, so far, was Head Shot Happy Hour... We drank rosé and faced the awkward task of posing for heads shots. Honestly, I expected myself to be a lot more nervous and slouchy. Wine helped, I'm sure, but I was so pleased with the photos that it was hard to chose!"

"Headshot Happy Hour was so much fun! Getting a headshot can be such a chore, but Paige made it easy. Meeting up with friends at Paige's charming studio for snacks & a little rosé first really put us all at ease. Plus, having a little cheering section made the actual photo shoot part easier too! Paige is super sweet and encouraging, and I'm so happy to have finally have a headshot that feels like me."


“Paige is a real unicorn, and her Headshot Happy Hour service is exactly the magical experience you want and deserve. Stepping into her bright and home-y backyard studio to hear your favorite playlist pumping and see your favorite adult beverage on ice feels just as comfortable as opening the door to your best friend's house. She covers the basics with lots of  options for backgrounds and allowing outfit changes, but she also go above and beyond to make you feel relaxed enough to get great shots. Truly an ideal situation for anyone needing a upgraded headshot you'll want to use for years to come.” 

"Head Shot Happy Hour with Paige was hands-down the most fun team activity we've ever done! Every quarter, I organize a team building session and the headshot happy hour is something our team won't forget! Paige has a great studio space and makes you feel completely at ease when taking your head shots. She was extremely communicative, answering my many questions prior to the session. And the photos came out so well!  I'm already thinking about the next occasion for us to do this again. It was a fantastic experience all around! "